About us

Alimentbarna, SL founded in 1992, is a family poultry business group, with headquarters in Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona; that integrates the entire productive process; from the breeding of animals and their sacrifice, to distribution to the final point of sale or consumption.


Offer all poultry fresh products that our customers need, quickly, efficiently and competitively; and thereby create strong and lasting commercial links over time.


We belive in people. Our workers are those who will take us to the continuous improvement we seek. With them we overcome each day and it is thanks to them that we can offer fresh, original and high quality products.


Equality and respect for people, animals and the environment. All of our policies incorporate these premises; The management of the personnel, the sales department and the quality department work day by day to offer a respectful and friendly treatment to all those around us.

Alimentbarna has integrated the process of breeding chicken farms to its activity. The objective of this action is to have a greater control of the raw materials that we receive.
In our sector it is important to adapt to the market through an integral production service and always have the freshest products. That is why Alimentbarna has its own slaughterhouse.
In Alimentbarna we have a fleet of 50 trucks with autonomous refrigeration equipment to deliver the products to the customer without breaking the cold chain.
The headquarters of Alimentbarna in Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona, ​​is a large refrigerated infrastructure prepared for the handling and storage of all kinds of fresh, chilled and frozen products.
In our handling room, we mechanically perform all the cutting, packaging and labeling tasks, manufacturing every day all the products that will be prepared at night and delivered in the morning to our customers.
With the integration of processed products, Alimentbarna has managed to increase its range of products, being able to guarantee complete traceability and quality. In addition, following our flexibility policy, we can produce products according to the customer specifications.
Our internal Quality department has implemented, manages and supervises a complete Total Quality System, which integrates all areas and workers of the company and each of its processes. With this we achieved the external recognition of being one of the first food companies in our country to obtain...