Chicken farms: Breending

Alimentbarna has integrated the process of breeding chicken farms to its activity.

The objective of this action is to have a greater control of the raw materials that we receive.

In this way we guarantee the quality of the final product. Alimentbarna has many chicken farms scattered throughout the Catalan territory (in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Lleida and Girona).

In them we breed, among others, the "Pollastre Groc Català" or the "Rei del Galliner".

Both are registered autochthonous trademarks, for chicken breed in farms and slaughtered in poultry slaughterhouses in Catalonia.

Integrating chicken farms into the production process provides a standard in the quality of the product.

This integration supposes the control from the beginning and to assure that all the chickens, with independence of the farm of origin, are breed under the same guidelines and with the same feeding.

The feeding in chicken farms is carefully selected.

In this way, birds can grow at the correct pace and with maximum guarantees and stability. The diet with which we raise our chickens is 100% vegetable and is composed basically of cereals: corn, wheat, barley and soy.

Varieties that give the characteristic yellow color to all chicks raised under the rules of "Pollastre Groc Català".

The integration of chicken farms in the production process involves the assurance of quality throughout all the stages.

This circumstance allows us total control of the merchandise that enters our slaughterhouse.


In addition, this action ensures a product of proximity to the customer and consumers. On the other hand it means a rationalization of costs and resources.

Only those chicken farms that meet all our specifications are approved to be part of our group.

These specifications are rigorously described and they are sent to the farms for signature.

They are also required to comply with animal welfare regulations.