Distribution: fast and flexible

A fast, flexible and effective distribution characterizes us.

Alimentbarna has staff drivers and a large fleet of own trucks. This allows us the necessary flexibility in the distribution of gender, to arrive when we need it, to any point of Catalonia, in less than 24 hours. Thus, with logistics and distribution, we complete and close control of the entire process. 
In this way we can always guarantee the best conditions for the distribution of the product we manufacture and that the client requests from us.

We have 50 daily routes for the distribution of our products. This service is undoubtedly a competitive advantage of Alimentbarna. Not all companies have their own logistics.

We arrived, with the freshest product, to any corner of Catalonia in less than a day. For this we have vehicles and trucks of all tonajes.Both small deliveries and larger deliveries are made.

The distribution arrives equally to central points of the city as to industrial estates. This great flexibility in the distribution means a great advantage for our customers, not having to do with too much planning their purchases. Likewise our customers can always have the freshest and longest lasting product.

We have an agile customer service procedure: your orders are taken care of immediately by our team of telephone operators and they are passed on to Production. You can also make your requests via e-mail.

As a good gear, a chain of departments of the company will be launched to supply orders in good condition of quality and service.

Our delivery personnel deliver six days a week all the products of first quality to our clients.

They cater to: wholesalers, stores, grills, restaurants, school canteens, residences, etc. But we also supply factories and any company that wants a supplier with the best chicken at the best price.

Flexibility in the delivery, speed and direct contact with customers, we print this family character, despite the growth, we have always wanted to preserve.