Elaboration: wide range

In Sant Fruitos de Bages, Manresa, we have located our elaborated product room. In this factory we make all kinds of products, from basic recipes to fifth range products, fresh or frozen.

Raw meat products: sausages, hamburgers, meatballs
Products based on grilled minced meat: cannelloni and croquettes
Raw or precooked breaded products
Roasted products: wings, thighs, whole chicken
Rotis and fillings: chicken and turkey

Basically we have based on bird recipes, but little by little we have also incorporated other meats to our elaborations, thus expanding our offer to the maximum and being able to offer traditional products of Mediterranean cuisine.

All products made of high quality, cooked with love and in a traditional way, with the aim of becoming allies of our customers, and that can offer homemade products, healthy and tasty.