Facilities: temperature controlled

On the Montcada i Reixac platform, Alimentbarna has located the cutting and processing room, as well as the logistics plant from where all the products are distributed. This location is ideal, very close to Barcelona and with fast access to all communication channels, allowing our fleet of trucks to reach any point in Catalonia quickly and efficiently.

The freshly slaughtered chicken begins to arrive at the platform early in the morning, from where it is distributed and manipulated in order to offer the freshest and best expired product.

With the recently picked chicken, we began its cutting. For this, we have an automatic tape that allows us to work at high speed, and manufacture all the cutting products that customers need. These products are packaged, labeled and passed to the dispatch area where all the orders that will be delivered at dawn are prepared one by one and individually. 
The great flexibility of the Cutting Room allows us to manufacture multiple tailor-made products, and non-standard packaging format, to adapt to the maximum requirements and particularities of each client.

We also have a processing room for the production of stuffed and marinated products. These products, in all their varieties, are manufactured daily. Despite having standard references, which have been on the market for years, we have structured the room to be very versatile and allow us to manufacture products with customized formulations, unique for each client, without the need for a minimum quantity. Our commitment to variety and originality has given us a great advantage, which means that we are increasingly stronger in value-added products.

In Sant Fruitos de Bages, we can find our elaborated factory, where we produce raw and cooked meat products. It is an artisan factory, which produces high quality items, adapted to all types of customers, both final consumers and collective or individual restaurants. 
The integration of the factory to our structure has allowed us to work without stock, for this type of product, which is manufactured and shipped daily according to needs. This fact constitutes a great advantage, because our products are always fresh, of quality and with maximum expiration.