Slaughterhouse of chickens: the sacrifice


Our own chicken slaughterhouse is located in the south of Catalonia, in the town of Reus, near Tarragona and Barcelona.

The modern facilities that we have in the chicken slaughter house allow us to:

• plan daily production, and

• comply with strict sanitary requirements.

In addition, a respectful treatment of the animals and high quality standards are guaranteed.

Our chicken slaughterhouse receives 40,000 birds every day.


These come from our own chicken farms, carefully selected. The slaughterhouse of chickens is equipped with all the necessary machinery so that the sacrifice of the birds is done in a guaranteed and safe way.

In this way, together with the quality controls carried out, confirm a product of the highest quality for our final consumers. 50 people work daily to carry out all the sacrificial tasks.

This sacrifice is made in accordance with all standards of animal health and welfare. With the increase of the time of oreo of the birds we obtain a meat better refrigerated, firmer and of greater duration.

In short, chicken meat of great quality, suitable for all types of packaging and processing.

Once the chickens are slaughtered and properly refrigerated, they are classified according to their weight and size. The chickens destined for the direct sale of those that will be used for handling and cutting are properly separated.

Following this classification, the birds are loaded onto the transport trucks. This begins the flow of channels into the cutting room.

It ensures a constant circulation of animals recently slaughtered in the slaughterhouse of chickens to go undoing. It is processed according to the daily needs of our customers.

The chickens can be served whole in bulk or in pieces packed in trays under vacuum or with protective atmosphere.