Cutting room: exclusive products





Much of the facilities of the headquarters of Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona, ​​are occupied by our cutting and handling room for poultry products.

In it we work products of: chicken, chicken, turkey and rabbit.

Our room is mechanized, but part of this cutting is done manually, to respond to specific and exclusive needs of our customers. 
Our staff, committed to quality and the Alimentbarna brand, is qualified in food handling, hygiene and food safety; to guarantee the constant and total quality of our products ..

This room is one of the points certified by ISO 9001: 2015, international standards of quality management that ensures through the training of the personnel, the correct maintenance of the machinery and the strict follow-up of the established working guidelines, that all the products that we manufacture are homogeneous and controlled, and that they reach the quality for which we work every day.

The treatment by small lots, has allowed us to organize ourselves in an extremely flexible way, thus being able to adapt to the daily and different needs of each client. We can manufacture customized products: special cuts, calibrations, different type of packaging and labeling. 
Working with care and seriousness, towards a single goal, to be the exclusive manufacturer of each of our clients.