Quality: constant and total

Since the birth of ALIMENTBARNA SL, the commitment to quality has been its main premise, and food safety a priority.

The value that characterizes the company is to produce, offer and sell a very good product organoleptically and safely from the point of view of food safety.

That is why Alimentbarna has its own Quality Department , which has implemented, manages and supervises a complete Total Quality System , which integrates all areas and employees of the company and each of its processes, and which has earned it the external recognition of being one of the first food companies in our country to obtain the Quality Certification IS0 9001: 2015 .

This system includes the analysis of hazards and critical control points ( HACCP ), with the aim of controlling each stage of our production chain, from the receipt of the raw material and the control of our external suppliers to the shipment and transport of the product. finish.

We ensure traceability and quality assurance throughout the entire process.

Management and Quality together make a continuous monitoring of the Quality Management System, to detect opportunities to improve the system and encourage continuous improvement in our products and processes.

Alimentbarna's quality management and food safety is focused and focused on meeting customer requirements, and your satisfaction is the best way to obtain your loyalty . And your satisfaction and fidelity is our success.