POLLASTRE GROC CATALA “corn feed chicken”

It is a certified registered trademark, for a type of chicken with a cereal-based diet, at least 65%, raised and slaughtered in Catalonia with the highest quality; low in fat and high protein value. The consumption of this chicken guarantees a healthy diet, and a product of proximity, generating savings and a rationalization in the consumption of resources. All the yellow chicken we market is Pollastre Groc Catala.



The Rei del Galliner is a chicken that is autochthonous from Catalonia and slow growing, has a minimum of 56 days of life, almost twice that of a standard chicken, and a 100% vegetable feed based of cereals. In addition, they are birds raised and slaughtered in Catalonia. For all these characteristics, it is a great option for those who want to include a differential and quality element in their offer. The Rei del Galliner gives us a yellow flesh, firm, tasty, consistent and exquisite meat.




For three years, our slaughterhouse has been certified to slaughter organic birds. The regulations for the breeding and slaughter of this type of birds is very strict and controls aspects such as diet, medication, the natural daylight hours that the birds are subjected and the days of life of these birds. With this, we include in our offer a high quality product and we reach new markets, offering our customers a wide variety of products, thus covering all their needs and expectations.



Since 2004, Alimentbarna is certified by the ISO 9001 quality management system. Now we are certified in its most recent version, ISO 9001: 2015, internationally recognized. This certification, based on continuous improvement, provides us with methods, processes and essential resources to achieve high quality standards, products and services.



Halal product are all those goods that follow the guidelines and standards that make them suitable for consumers of Muslim creed. In our slaughterhouse 100% of the sacrificed birds are made following these guidelines, manual sacrifice and without disk. That is why there is no risk of crossing lots or cross-contamination, and all of them are suitable both for the Spanish market and for the Arab market without distinction.




Entity adhered to the agreement on the code of good commercial practices along the food chain.